Postdocs for a Plan

Who are we?

Postdocs for a Plan is a group of NYU postdocs who came together during the city-wide COVID-19 shutdown to advocate for an equitable and safe return to work for all NYU Postdocs.

What do we do?

Gather, share, and deploy information

We deserve to know more about the state of our community. To that end we run surveys on issues related to reopening of onsite research, housing, childcare access, and salaries to advocate for improved university policy.

Advocate for better conditions

We organize meetings between postdocs and NYU administrators, to learn how NYU deals with childcare, housing, and other areas of concern. We are also forging new connections with other on campus groups such as ScAAN, NYU COVID Coalition, and NYU Housing Justice Group.

Build connections

We are also building infrastructure for postdocs to communicate directly with one another. Join our mailing list and Slack workspace to stay informed about the latest NYU postdoc data, connect to fellow postdocs, & have your voice heard!